UEFA CL Final to Hand Out Record Prize Money to Winners

May 27, 2011

According to UEFA Champions League sponsors Mastercard, the winners of tomorrow’s final, May 28, between Manchester United and Barcelona, will receive a record US$178m.

The report, put forward by Professor Simon Chadwick of the sport business unit at Coventry University, says that the losing club in the final is still set to gain $103.9m. The final match alone is now worth an estimated $525.25m, a rise of $24.9m on last year and an increase from when the two sides met in the 2009 final, of $84m.

Due to the English capitals staging of the game at Wembley, London is expected to benefit to the tune of $74m as fans spend money at the stadium, on accommodation, and on food and drink.

The report says the estimation that this year’s final will break all economic records was in large part down to the two finalists.

Chadwick stated: “While the UEFA Champions League is a strong brand in its own right, the nature and strength of the brand is clearly heavily influenced by its constituent parts – the participating clubs.

“This year’s UEFA Champions League final has the perfect ingredients to drive economic activity – Europe’s two biggest clubs playing in a city such as London.”