UCI Orders Audit of Anti-Doping Operations

October 30, 2013

Following the new elected President of the International Cycling Union (UCI), Brian Cookson’s first management committee, the UCI has ordered an audit of it’s anti-doping operations and has discussed investigating their own links to Lance Armstrong. 

Cookson also began delivering on his campaign pledges and revealed his $377,000 salary. He said in a statement that the meeting was “an important moment for the UCI as we put in place a number of measures to restore trust.”

To combat long-standing claims that the UCI played a role in protecting Lance Armstrong and his teams from scrutiny, Cookson has pledged to create an independent anti-doping unit next year. 

The shadow of Armstrong still hangs over the new UCI leadership, who are to investigate the previous regime. Armstong’s own involvement in the process is currently unknown, after he rejected approaches from the US Anti-Doping Agency last year. 

The UCI also said that it is still in talks with the World Anti-Doping Agency regarding the commission’s mandate and membership.