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The UCI Joins The United Nations Sports For Climate Action Framework

April 22, 2020

The Union Cycliste Internationale is delighted to announce that it has signed the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework as part of its ongoing efforts to promote cycling as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly sports.

The UN’s Sports for Climate Action Framework brings together more than 100 International Federations, other sports governing bodies, competitions, franchises and teams – including the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the international governing bodies for football, rugby and Formula 1 – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from sport. In line with the Paris Climate Agreement, this Framework harnesses the cultural influence of sport to galvanise global action on climate change. The Framework was co-created by UN Climate Change and the IOC, and launched by the two organisations in December 2018.

In signing the Framework, UCI commits to the following five principles:

1. Undertaking systematic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility;

2. Reducing overall climate impact;

3. Educating for climate action;

4. Promoting sustainable and responsible consumption;

5. Advocating for climate action through communication.

The UCI’s flagship commitment will be to coordinate work already underway across cycling to promote environmental sustainability – such as the Organiser’s Guide to Road Events –  and work with its network of 196 National Federations on the five continents, its main commercial partners, and the IOC – which is leading the Olympic Movement’s  implementation of the Framework – to take it to the next level.

Cycling’s sustainability plan will include a detailed, multi-discipline sustainability toolkit for use across the sport to be published later this year.  Over and above its sustainability plan, the UCI is committed to a wider programme of advocacy – including with planned participation in the UN climate summit in Glasgow to take place in 2021 – to promote cycling as the primary mode of transport in urban areas.  Choosing the bicycle as a major policy solution to the climate crisis, will help reduce emissions and improve the health of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

UCI Director General Amina Lanaya said: “The world is in the midst of the coronavirus emergency on which we are all rightly focused, but we cannot afford to ignore the ever-constant threat of climate change. Even while the sporting calendar is suspended, the UCI – in line with our Federation’s roadmap Agenda 2022 – is working hard to rise to the challenges climate change poses to the future of our sport. It is therefore logical that we play our part in the global sporting effort to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Signing the UN’s Sport for Climate Action Framework is a big step that our Federation is proud to take. We are fully committed to making professional cycling one of the world’s most environmentally friendly sports, and to promoting cycling as a mode of transport in order to unlock a greener and healthier future for all.”

Chris Boardman, 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist, UCI Advocacy & Mass Participation Commission member and current Cycling & Walking Commissioner for Greater Manchester, said: “I applaud the UCI for signing the UN Sport for Climate Action Framework as part of their commitment to greening the sport we love. Their recognition that cycling and active travel is part of the solution to the climate crisis – and their clear commitment to advocate for it – is very encouraging and something I am working hard to deliver in Greater Manchester. I look forward to working with the UCI to make their sustainability programme a success for the sport and for society.”

“We congratulate the UCI on the decision to join the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework”, said IOC Director for Sustainability Marie Sallois. “As a global symbol of sustainable transportation, cycling has a unique ability to help address climate change while keeping us fit and healthy. The UCI is among 120 sports organisations that have joined the framework so far. We look forward to working hand in hand with the UCI to ensure an impactful implementation of this commitment.”

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