Twenty-Three Wrestling Federations Unite to form Save Olympic Wrestling Coalition

May 2, 2013

Twenty-three wrestling federations throughout the world have combined to form the Save Olympic Wrestling Coalition, adiposity in a move to show the International Olympic Committee (IOC) the support for the sport they recently dropped from the Olympic Games.

Wrestling was controversially dropped from the Olympic programme by the IOC, despite it being a traditional Olympic sport.

The sport is now in a list with seven other sports, looking to be added to the 2020 Games.

Now, the wrestling federations of Albania, Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cuba, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, United States and Uzbekistan have formed the coalition to show the IOC the sport should be in the Games.

The coalition will mobilise energy and resources in each country, promote the sport through World Wrestling Month and assist with developing wrestling in line with the IOC’s recommendations.

Theodoros Hamakos, the vice-president of the European Council of Associated Wrestling, the European contingent of FILA was happy to see movements supporting wrestling.

Hamakos told iSportconnect: “I think that each action that has a purpose to keep wrestling at the Olympics is correct.”

More countries are expected to join the movement throughout the coming weeks.