Turkish Basketball Federation to Launch New Brand Identity

October 7, 2014

The Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) and its global media and marketing partner Infront Sports & Media have launched a new brand identity for the Turkish Basketball League (TBL), ambulance which tips off on 11 October 2014.

The new visual identity for the TBL brings the major properties, order including the TBF Men’s League as well as the TBF All-Star game, under one coherent identity that features the dynamics of the sport and better positions the league as a premium European sports product. As part of the re-positioning, Infront has also introduced a new centralised marketing concept for the league which is an unprecedented first in the Turkish sports landscape.

The key properties, including the TBF Men’s League and the TBF All-Star Game, have been pulled together visually under one coherent identity with distinctive features for each. The TBF acronym is used on each logo to endorse the TBL property as a mark of quality and a promise for premium basketball.

As a first in Turkey, Infront has applied a centralised marketing concept for the commercialisation of the league, which combines all individual games as one unified series of events. This allows sponsors to associate themselves closely and consistently with the entire Turkish Basketball League season and its annual Men’s All-Star event.

Turgay Demirel, President of the Turkish Basketball Federation, commented: “Thanks to the support and valuable experience of Infront, the Turkish Basketball League will take quantum leaps in respect to its image and appeal for commercial partners. The professional marketing structures alongside the exciting new brand identity are key in further elevating the TBL into becoming Europe’s Number 1 basketball league. We thank all shareholding clubs for their support in the development process and look forward to seeing the fans embrace the enhanced features of the Turkish Basketball League once the season starts.”

Philippe Blatter, President & CEO of Infront Sports & Media, said: “This successful rebranding project is both a future investment as well as a clear commitment by Infront to turn the TBL into a more powerful brand and communications platform. For Infront, partnership means looking at the full picture and taking a long-term approach to enhance our client’s properties on all ends. Together with a strong collective marketing concept – representing a real first in Turkish sports – the League is now well positioned to build in popularity and strength across both national and European sports markets.”