Turkey to Bid For 2022 Ryder Despite Previous Withdrawal

By iSportconnect | November 13, 2014

The Turkish Golf Federation (TGF) has reversed its decision to withdraw from the race to host the 2022 Ryder Cup and has announced it will launch a bid to stage the famous tournament.

TGF president Ahmet Ağaoğlu yesterday said the country had withdrawn its bid to host the tournament because of the impact it would have on the local environment surrounding the chosen venue.

The Montgomerie Maxx Royal course in Belek was put forward by Turkey as a potential host venue for the event, but Ağaoğlu yesterday stated that the venue is a resort course and isnt’ designed to host major tournaments.

Turkish Minister for Youth and Sports Akif Çagatay Kiliç today confirmed however, that the country will mount a bid for the 2022 Ryder Cup stating that it intends to construct a new course to host the tournament.

Kiliç said: “Turkey has been successful in hosting a lot of international events, sports events, other kind of events.

“We do not have any shortcomings or doubts in our mind that we would be able to do it.

“Now, I have talked to Mr. Ağaoğlu who is in charge of the TGF and there are certain things that might have to be supported by the government. 

“We are more than happy to do that. But I don’t think that it will harm us in any way to pursue our work, which has already been done until today, for 2022.

“But this is a race. I mean, in the end, it’s a bid. There’s competition. But I don’t think that we will shy away from anything that is put in our way.”