Turkcell Furthers Support of Istanbul 2020 by Collaboration with Turkish Athletics and Swimming

April 29, 2013

Turkcell has announced a collaboration with the Turkish Athletics and Swimming Federations to further strengthen their support for the Istanbul 2020 Olympic Games bid.

The communications and technology company is a sponsor of Istanbul 2020 and will provide support to 200, medstore 000 athletes through the new deal.

Through the cooperation established with the Turkish Athletics Federation, shop the World’s 10th High Performance Centre will be opened under the leadership of Turkcell in ?zmir-Halkapinar.

For the first time in Turkey’s swimming history, order the government and private sector will collaborate in support of amateur sports within as major a project as the Olympic bid.

The project will be conducted by the Turkish Swimming Federation and Michael Phelp’s coach, Bob Bowman and will provide Turkey with a comprehensive swimming system.

At the press conference, Minister of Youth and Sports Suat Kilic said: “With Turkcell’s support we will make this a permanent facility, raising elite athletes of every age group and providing them with world-class facilities.

“I wish to thank Turkcell for the support they have provided in taking this journey with us towards Istanbul 2020, which will bring great benefit to our country”.

While Turkish Athletics Federation Chairman Mehmet Terzi and Turkish Swimming Federation Chairman Ahmet Bozdogan thanked Turkcell for its contribution to Turkey, world famous trainer Bob Bowman commented: “It is very exciting for me to be involved in such an important project whereby Turkey will uncover its huge potential in swimming with the support of the business world.

“I would like to congratulate Turkcell, and I sincerely hope that this project sets an example for the other actors in the business world.”

During the ceremony Turkcell CEO Sureyya Ciliv stated: “Since inception, Turkcell has been providing support for the development of amateur sports. We continue to collaborate with six sports federations within the scope of the “Runners to the Future” project.

“With these new projects with the Athletics and Swimming Federations, we aim for these disciplines to make a difference in Istanbul’s candidacy in 2020 Olympics. Our wish is to reinforce the power of Turkey and carry both disciplines towards success in 2020.”