TSE Consulting Announces New Ownership

March 31, 2011

TSE Consulting, doctor the Switzerland based international sports and entertainment consultancy, see  currently owned by a London based holding company, cough is being brought out by a grouping that includes existing TSE management and external investors.

The new owners will retain the TSE Consulting headquarters in Lausanne and its regional offices around the world. The sale of TSE Consulting is subject to shareholder approval due mid April.

Lars Haue-Pedersen, managing director of TSE Consulting, stated: “TSE is a very attractive company so there has been interest from many different sides. We are happy that we were able to acquire the company and look forward to continuing to service our clients worldwide and develop the company further.”

As a result of the expected sale, TSE Consulting is refocusing its growth strategy and adjusting some of its operations over the coming months.