Agenda and Topics Confirmed For Digital Media & Technology Masterclass

March 12, 2015

The iSportconnect Digital Media and Technology Masterclass, in association with Seven League, will be returning to London on 15th April and the agenda and topics for the event have been finalised.

The event will be hosted at the five-star Grange St. Paul’s Hotel.

Five panellists have been confirmed for the event to date, with more panellists set to be announced soon.

The confirmed panellists are David Sternberg, Head of Media at Manchester United FCJerry Newman, Head of Digital Marketing and CRM at Chelsea FC, Murray Barnett, Head of Broadcast, Commercial and Marketing at World Rugby, Joaquim Cardona, Head of Digital Business at FC Barcelona and Andrew Meikle, Co-Founder and CEO of Sportlobster.


8:00:      Registration

8:30:      iSportconnect welcome and landscaping by Richard Ayers, CEO of Seven League

9:15:      Panel 1: Football – Do big names win big off the pitch?

10:00:    Panel 2: Is 2015 the turning point for Rugby and digital?

10:45:    Coffee break

11:45:    Panel 3: Can technology make real what marketing dreams of?

12:30:    Panel 4: Fresh perspectives from cross-sector experts in other sports

13:15:    Wrap up

13:30‎:    Networking & Lunch


– Commercialising digital: measurement, monetisation and ROI models for digital content. How should digital data be measured? Which KPIs should organisations set up, monitor and analyse? How to estimate and understand the potential of ROI and explore the digital opportunities?

– Resource challenge: How to make sure that you have the required resources and the best people? Are the people in your digital team capable of employing digital tools to help your business to achieve the objectives?

– Dealing with charlatan agencies. Does the agency which is assisting you really understand your business and digital? How to ensure they are not misled by your business objectives and they reflect on your business needs correctly?

– Dinosaur partners: What is the best way to identify and assist partners who do not understand digital and do not recognise the value it may bring? What to do with the partners who think of digital as a marketing and communication ‘fluff’? How should such partners be managed?

– Constant innovation challenge: Is your organisation constantly learning and are up to date with the developments within the industry? Are your employers forward-thinkers and are they the first to implement the innovative tech tools within your digital strategy? How to make sure you are on top of all the innovative action happening around?

– Digital platforms – friends or enemies? What should the ideal relationship be between the organisation and digital platform owners? Should they be treated as ‘frenemies’? How to get the most value out of having close relations with the biggest social network organisations?

– Partners, sponsors… making money: media value of digital channels for sponsors. How can the media delivered by digital to sponsor be properly recognised? How to make sure that the value of digital is not underestimated in comparison with other media tools? How the value of digital to sponsors can be clearly defined and which standards for detailed metrics should be created and implemented within the industry? How to balance using digital to grow a fanbase versus generating revenue?

Invitation policy: The Digital Media and Technology Masterclass is an exclusive invite only event to Heads of Digital Media and Technology and other similar positions at governing bodies, federations, teams/clubs and brands only.

To register your interest please contact Sylvia-Line Lamaro.

Sports Agencies, professional service providers & suppliers, please contact Mike Rocha-Keys for limited sponsorship opportunities.

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