Transport Minister Recommends Walking to Work During the Olympics

August 3, 2011

U.K Transport Minister, unhealthy Norman Baker, view has suggested London commuters should consider  walking to work or using video conferencing for meetings during the 2012 Olympic Games due to congestion on the transport system.

“The games will be a once-in-a-generation test for both our transport system and our adaptability, seek ” Baker told business leaders in London, according to remarks released by his office today. “As we edge ever closer to the Olympics, hand-in-hand with new investment must go new solutions.”

The government is expecting an extra 3 million trips a day on the London transport network during the Olympics, piling pressure on a system that already deals with 12 million journeys every day. Baker said companies should encourage workers to consider walking or cycling, particularly for those who live near their workplaces.

Those workers who live farther away should consider travelling during off-peak periods, starting journeys earlier or working from home, Baker said.