TrainingPeaks Becomes Official Training Software Supplier to British Cycling

By Community | March 7, 2012

British Cycling has appointed TrainingPeaks as its new official Training Software Supplier.

TrainingPeaks will provide GB Cycling Team athletes and coaches, as well as British Cycling members, with a software programme that plans and analyses training, nutrition and daily metrics.

TrainingPeaks, which is also a partner of Team Sky, will provide athletes and coaches with the tools needed to upload their training data, which can then be analysed by coaches and sports scientists to improve their customised training programmes. Club members will be able to use TrainingPeaks to enhance their riding through sharing favourite workouts and routes and providing the motivation needed to help them achieve their goals, whilst club coaches will also benefit through the ability to provide plans and schedule rides.

British Cycling’s Performance Director, Dave Brailsford said: “TrainingPeaks has everything you need in a data management system – from detailed analysis reports to easy-to-use web and mobile logging options for the riders. The programme will help the GB Cycling Team coaches and riders better understand what type of training drives success.

“It will also be of huge benefit to British Cycling members who want to get the most out of their riding. Regardless of what you are training for – whether it’s early season racing or sportives – TrainingPeaks will help ensure you are maximising your performance on the bike.”

The premium athlete edition of the TrainingPeaks programme, enhanced with the Virtual Coach functionality, has graph charts and in-depth analytics that help formalise detailed training plans. For a one-year subscription, British Cycling’s Level 3 coaches can get a 50% discount at £75, with Gold Members and Level 2 coaches of British Cycling receiving 40% discount on the athlete premium programme. All other members and Level 1 coaches will receive a 20% discount. Further details on prices and discounts for coaches and cyclists are available here.

Dirk Friel, TrainingPeaks co-founder and Chief Evangelist, said, “TrainingPeaks is proud to be selected as the Official Training Software Supplier of British Cycling. Our experience with the GB Cycling Team will help us to test and develop new software features with the world’s best athletes in order to help the athletes of all levels who use TrainingPeaks.”

by Ismail Uddin