Toyota Becomes Surfing Australia’s Official Vehicle Supplier

August 15, 2014

Surfing Australia has signed Toyota as its official vehicle supplier in a three-year partnership as a major corporate supporter.

Toyota becomes a major support sponsor of key Surfing Australia programs including the Original Source Australian Boardriders Battle, buy buy the Australian Surf Festival, pills order the Australian Surfing Awards, the Australian SUP Titles and the Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre (HPC).

Toyota Australia’s divisional manager marketing, Brad Cramb, said support for local clubs and their members is an important part of the company’s extensive involvement in sport – including Australian Rules football, cricket and now surfing.

“Toyota understands that the great sport of surfing is built from the grassroots,” he said.  “That’s why Toyota is focused on a program that supports Surfing Australia in its development of community clubs and in helping to foster the next generation of Australia’s surfing talent.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Toyota, such an iconic global vehicle brand with strong values that are very aligned to our organisation,” said Surfing Australia CEO Andrew Stark. “Surfing is a whole of life sport and Toyota offer vehicles for every stage of your life.

“Their commitment to quality and innovation and customer service is extremely aligned to our commitment to deliver quality and innovative programs to develop the sport of surfing. This significant partnership stretches across our whole organisation from grassroots club programs to our High Performance Centre. We sincerely appreciate the support of Toyota and look forward to a fantastic partnership into the future.”