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Tour de France renews partnership with LCL

By Shantanu Srivastav | March 28, 2018

French retail bank LCL and the Tour de France have announced the renewal of their partnership for the next four years.

LCL and the Tour de France will together be celebrating the centenary of the Yellow Jersey in 2019, as LCL concurrently enters into its fourth decade alongside one of the most famous symbols in world sport.

Michel Mathieu, Managing Director of LCL: “Commitment, loyalty and performance are among LCL’s values and are at the heart of our partnership with the Yellow Jersey, which has for a long time occupied a place of core importance among our employees but also with our customers. The guidance we provide for them is based on these very same values.”

Yann Le Moënner, Managing Director of Amaury Sport Organisation:  “Over time, alongside LCL we have written a long and beautiful story about one of our most striking symbols. In the digital era and the days of social media, we are going to further develop proximity with the audiences for our events and the customers of our partner.

“LCL has made these developments the strength of its development strategy, which perfectly suits the impulsion which we wish to provide to our fans in this domain.”

Christian Prudhomme, Director of the Tour de France : “LCL is a historical partner and has always accompanied the Tour de France and other A.S.O. events, in sporting terms with the Yellow Jersey and in a celebratory tone with the publicity caravan in particular. Consequently, it is the ideal partner, which has known for a long time that cycling is both a sporting concern as well as a popular celebration.”


Tour de France