Tottenham’s New Training Ground on Schedule for Completion

November 10, 2011

Tottenham Hotspur’s new training ground is currently under construction, and on schedule for completion by the beginning of next season.

The ground covers 67 acres, which include 11 pitches and an impressive training centre designed by KSS Architects, featuring curved steel sections fabricated by Barnshaws Section Benders.

Designed around a 70 x 50m indoor artificial pitch, the training centre will feature a transparent ETFE roof, and will act as an integral part of the landscape. The centre will contain state of the art facilities, such as a gym, media centre, medical facilities, hydrotherapy/ swimming pool, and a learning centre.

Barnshaws were commissioned by Watsons to undertake a significant amount of metal bending work for the £45m ($71.6m) project. Sections curved include 305 columns, 323.9 x 16 tubes, and 152 tees all multiple radius bends in the same length bar. Metal bending for the build was carried out across 4 months, afterBarnshaws won the contract based on their technical expertise.