Toronto Raptors Name Rapper Drake as Global Ambassador

October 1, 2013

Canadian rapper Drake has become the global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors ahead of the new season and following yesterday’s announcement that Toronto will host the 2016 All-Star weekend.

As part of his new role, Drake spoke at the NBA’s press conference overnight announcing that Toronto would become the first city outside the United States to host the flagship All-Star weekend.

“The city of Toronto and the Raptors mean everything to me, and the chance to be able to play a role with this team is something that I could have only dreamed of growing up,” Drake said.

“I’m really excited about the direction of the Raptors, and today’s announcement is another reason why Canadian basketball fans have a lot to look forward to.”

The rapper often watches Raptors games from the sidelines, and speaks publicly about his friendships with NBA players, including superstar LeBron James.

“I would say as far as my relationships, no relationship to me is closer than me and LeBron. LeBron is basically family to me, like a brother,” Drake told ESPN in 2010.

Drake will be consulted to plan a makeover of the Raptors franchise, just as Jay-Z helped turn the Brooklyn Nets into a superstar destination following their move from New Jersey.

Jay-Z owned a miniscule share in the Nets but reportedly helped design the team’s new black-and-white logo and jerseys, before he sold his stake to become a player agent.

It is currently unknown if Drake’s role as a global ambassador includes owning a minority share of the Raptors.

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