Top 5 iSportconnect EXCLUSIVES of the week – 03/10/2016

October 7, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: NFL and Wembley double-header a ‘possibility’

The NFL International Series has got underway, with Jacksonville Jaguars edging the Indianapolis Colts 30-27 at Wembley Stadium.
The success of the NFL International Series has posed the question, could we see the NFL bring a franchise to the UK?
Many predict it could come to fruition in the 2020s, with a clear appetite for NFL building in the UK. It has lead to a deal in which Tottenham’s new stadium will be used by the NFL. With the deal in place, the suggestion has been made that there could be a Premier League/NFL ‘double-header’ at the new stadium.

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Special Report: The cyber challenge
Sports clubs and brands have spent a lot of money beefing up their security in order to secure their assets. However, like many other industries, cyber security can occasionally be overlooked.
A special iSportconnect report found that for some in the sports industry, there is still some work to do to prepare for a cyber attack, especially as hackers become more sophisticated in the way that they are able access systems.
Phill Everson is a partner at Deloitte, and leads Cyber Risk Services unit in the UK, assessed the risks brands and clubs could potentially be exposing themselves to.

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‘I’ve never seen anything like it in my life’ – La Liga Marketing boss on China growth

La Liga’s marketing director  admitted China’s recent rapid, high profile growth into the global football market was unlike anything he had ever witnessed in his career.
A mass land grab is underway in China as European brands try to take advantage of more and more Chinese football fans coming online, looking to interact with European leagues. Bara admitted the growth was unprecedented, as iSportconnect asked him if he had ever seen anything like it before.

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EXCLUSIVE: Match fixing a key issue for UEFA
The head of UEFA’s disciplinary and integrity unit, Emilio García, has outlined how seriously the organisation is taking match fixing, calling it ‘a vital issue’.
García oversees all disciplinary matters at UEFA, calling himself ‘the ugly face of the company’, as his unit hands out suspensions and penalties to players and teams.
But while on the field misdemeanours usually get the most attention in the press, UEFA see their key integrity battle elsewhere: match fixing.

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EXPERT COLUMN: Top 10 questions to ask yourself when finding a ticket agent by Stuart Cain

It’s easy to find a ticket agency that says they’ll sell your tickets but it’s not always easy to find one that lives up to this promise.
Partnering with a ticket agent that values your business, offers speed of response, flexibility, data insight and a true partnership approach is key to a long, happy and commercially beneficial relationship.
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