Special Report: Top 5 iSportconnect Discussions of the Month: January 2012

February 2, 2012

The discussions section is one of the most engaging and informative iSportconnect features. Here, order every member of the iSportconnect community can share their opinions and ideas, viagra 60mg or raise questions with fellow professionals. Members are welcome to contribute, so that everyone from the fields of sports commerce, finance, law, broadcasting, marketing and events can interact in one place.

January 2012 was one of the busiest months of iSportconnect debate to date, with members discussing topics such as Warrior Sports replacing Adidas as Liverpool FC’s kit manufacturer and the plans for NFL fixtures in London.

Each month, an iSportconnect member who contributes considered and insightful posts will receive a prize. Congratulations to January’s winner, Iain Taker, who receives a copy of Lou Imbriano’s Winning the Customer.

Top five iSportconnect discussions of January 2012

‘Are Adidas right to axe Liverpool?’

Synopsis: Did Adidas make the right decision in ending its tenure as Liverpool FC’s kit manufacturer? What will new kit manufacturer Warrior Sports gain from its association with Liverpool?

Main participants: Michael Cunnah (former CEO of Wembley Stadium), Alastair Marks (Head of UK Sponsorship, McDonalds), Stephen Pearson (Former Commercial Director of English Premier League)

Key quote: “This is clearly a deal from the strong connections of Fenway Sports. It also highlights again the attack on the dominance of traditional suppliers like Adidas, Nike and Puma – as we have recently seen companies like Under Armour come in with a huge deal at Spurs and brands like Xtep come in at Birmingham and Villareal.” Stephen Pearson

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‘The Wembley Rams?’

Synopsis: What will be the impact of St Louis Rams’ agreement to play a regular season game at Wembley for the next three years?

Main participants: Lou Imbriano(former CMO of New England Patriots), Derek Harper (COO, Sports Xchange)

Key quote: “I love the idea of the runners up in the Championship game (so in 2012 the Ravens and 49ers) meeting every year. Putting a different spin and creating the aura of a larger event. I am looking forward to seeing how this all evolves over the years.” Lou Imbriano

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‘What implications will the Westfield case have on the domestic and international game?’

Synopsis: Former County Cricketer admits to spot betting charge after other recent spot betting incidents, will faith in the integrity of the game be maintained?

Main participants: Peter Frawley,(CEO, International Cricket Group)

Key quote: “It’s difficult to believe that the domestic game can accept anything but zero tolerance given how completely reliant they are on TV revenue… They would not survive sponsors running for the hills to avoid any toxicity.” Peter Frawley

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‘What role does social media have to play in sport?’

Synopsis: How can social media be used for sports marketing? What are the negative effects of social media in sport?

Main participants: Stephen Pearson (former Commercial Director of English Premier League), Iain Taker (Associate at Kemp Little LLP)

Key quote: “There are many problems – players tend to be young and whilst they are seen global sports stars are also not mature to deal with issuing public statements which formally was the territory of PR agents and lawyers. Seeing players tweet each other when they can surely communicate by mobile or email opens them up to abuse from fans. Tweeting is also leading to lazy journalism when tweets are quoted verbatim in the press the following day.”

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‘Can an Indian under-17 World Cup in 2017 be a prelude to a successful 2026 World Cup bid?’

Synopsis: If India is, as expected, awarded hosting of the FIFA 2017 under World Cup, will it be likely to be awarded hosting of the senior tournament in 2026?

Main participants: Steven Falk(former Director of Marketing at Manchester United), Paul Freudensprung (Venue General Manager of 2006 Torino Organising Committee of the Olympic Games)

Key quote: “A lot needs to be done, in order to increase the possible impact of a World Cup within India. But reading in the press about the initiatives of building the Indian Football League and drawing former European and South-American star players to India shows there is money, determination and possibly a bigger game plan. It maybe not 2026 but the World Cup will go to India eventually, if they decide to bid.” Paul Freudensprung

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