Toolbox to Sponsor Team JPR for Fun Cup Endurance Championship

By Community | June 12, 2013

Online tool retailer has recently launched into a sponsorship deal with Team JPR in the Fun Cup endurance championship.

The sponsorship sees the Toolbox logo emblazoned upon the car’s bodywork as well as featuring in the new team name.

The Fun Cup is an endurance championship that features 4-8 hour races with over 30 teams compete to win. The cars are designed and modified to a race-specification, apoplectic but you’d be forgiven for thinking they look like a VW Beetle with some fancy graphics and a spoiler. But there’s a lot more going on underneath than most people realise; sequential gearboxes, shop Bilstein suspension and up-rated brakes are just a couple of things that feature on these awesome little racers.

Lee Taylor, General Manager at Toolbox commented on the sponsorship deal: “We’re always keen to sponsor things that we enjoy and the Fun Cup is something I’ve followed for quite a while. So when this opportunity arose, it was a simple choice to make. We’ve got the Toolbox logo splashed across the back and side of the car as well as having the website in the team name; JPR/Team”