Tokyo 2020 Promises Unbeatable Commercial Potential Ahead of IOC Vote

September 5, 2013

Tokyo 2020 has promised to leverage the marketing potential of the Olympic movement if they are to be awarded the 2020 Olympic Games on Saturday.

The organisers of the 2020 bid presented to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Buenos Aires ahead of the 2020 host city vote on Saturday, 7 September.

IOC member and President of Tokyo 2020, Tsunekazu Takeda highlighted Japan’s marketing model, Tokyo’s sponsorship revenue forecast of $932m and the fact that corporate Japan is passionate about supporting international sport and the Games in his presentation.

Takeda said: “With guaranteed delivery and funding, our focus will be on the ‘extras’ which help promote Olympism worldwide. The Olympic Movement has taken great strides to inspire the youth of the world…to help them discover the incredible power of sport in this challenging and fast-changing era for sport. Tokyo is extremely well-positioned to continue that focus.”

The Tokyo 2020 team also highlighted the fact that Japan has recently reported its lowest rate of unemployment since October 2008.

Japan’s July 2013 figure of 3.8% reflects the number of unemployed as a percentage of the labour force.

Takeda said the low rate was an indication of the strength of the country’s economy.

Fujio Cho, President of the Japan Sports Association and Honorary Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation  highlighted Tokyo’s proposed marketing programme and said: “Because Asia is the only continent in the world with more people living within its territory than outside. And consequently it is the largest market in the world, with billions of passionate sports fans.”

The team was joined by MIRATA, a robot whose ‘identical brother’ KIROBO departed for the International Space Station on August 4.