Tokyo 2020 Promise to Reinforce Olympic Values if Awarded the Games

August 8, 2013

With one month to go until the International Olympic Committee (IOC) votes for the host of the 2020 Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020 have reiterated their desire to enforce Olympic values and capture the spirit of the Games.

A Tokyo 2020 delegation was present at the 14th International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) World Championships in Moscow and they emphasised their belief in the ‘power of sport’ to change lives in Japan.

President of Tokyo 2020 Tsunekazu Takeda said: “With just four weeks to go until the IOC makes its decision on the host for the 2020 Games, I am more determined than ever to convey the importance that Japan places on sport, with a focus on the Olympic Values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect.”

Naoko Takahashi, the women’s marathon gold medallist at Sydney 2000 was also present at the event.

Takahashi supported Takeda’s comments and added: “Tokyo 2020 will be a dynamic celebration of Olympic Values. I can promise you that everyone in Tokyo will be filled with the Olympic Spirit as they welcome the world to the Games.”

Takeda also took the time to comment on the new Kasumigaoka National Stadium, Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium for 2020 should they host the Games.

“Not only will the new stadium be an athlete-focused facility conveniently located just 10 minutes from the Olympic Village, it will also be a beautiful venue with many practical, innovative features.

“It will be a fitting symbol of what we promise to deliver at the Tokyo 2020 Games,” Takeda said.

Regardless of the outcome of the IOC’s decision on September 7, construction of the new National Stadium will begin in October 2015 with a budget entirely guaranteed by the Japan Sport Council.

The stadium is a designated venue for the 2019 Rugby World Cup.