Tokyo 2020 Explain Why and How they Would Host the Olympic Games

May 30, 2013

The three bidding cities for the 2020 Olympic Games have presented their bids to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at the SportAccord Convention in Russia.

Tokyo 2020 attempted to show the IOC ‘why’ they should host the Games and ‘how’ they would deliver it, cough saying ‘you cannot have one without the other.’

IOC member and president of Tokyo 2020 and the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC), overnight viagra Tsunekazu Takeda said: “In these uncertain times, Tokyo2020 offers certainty.

“We are proud to carry the hopes of Asia, the largest continent in the world with four billion people, and the most youthful, home to 1.1 billion young people.

“A continent that benefits from both strong developed economies and rapidly growing developing markets.”

Other members of the Tokyo 2020 team, such as Governor of Tokyo and Tokyo 2020 chairman, Naoki Inose highlighted the safety of the city and said that the Japanese capital had the finances to offer a strong foundation to the Games.