Tokyo 2020 Bid Appoints Three New Senior Department Directors

January 11, 2012

Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Games bid has taken on new momentum after three senior staff members of the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) were appointed to serve as senior department directors given their experience with the Olympic Movement.

Yasuhiro Nakamori, JOC International Relations Director and Tokyo 2020 Executive Board Member was appointed Senior Director of Tokyo 2020 International Relations Department.

Toru Watanabe, JOC President’s Office Chief Manager will serve as Senior Director of Tokyo 2020 Marketing & Promotion Department.

Masa Takaya, JOC Communications Manager and former International Triathlon Union Media Manager, who also served as communications director of Tokyo 2016 will hold the position of Acting Communications Director also for Tokyo 2020.

Masato Mizuno, Tokyo 2020 CEO and JOC Vice President, said, “After studying the key factors in several previous successful bids, we have noted the importance of the involvement of NOCs in realizing a truly integrated bid team.

“NOC staff have a wealth of experience in dealing with the International Olympic Committee and various other international sporting bodies, and are able to make a valuable contribution to the overall bid.

“I am certainly glad that Tokyo 2020 is now able to draw on the expertise and experience of senior JOC members and position these at the heart of our bid,” he added.

This follows Japan’s House of Represenatives approving the bid last month.