Timo Glock Leaves Marussia F1 due to ‘commercial reasons’

By Community | January 21, 2013

Timo Glock has lost his drive at Marussia F1 for the 2013 season due to ‘commercial reasons’ according to reports.

The German left the Banbury-based team by “mutual consent” after a three-year spell, although Marussia team boss, John Booth hinted that the decision was made for “commercial” reasons. 

This was backed up by an exchange Glock had with fellow F1 driver Mark Webber on twitter.

The Red Bull ace expressed sympathy with Glock for losing his drive, to which the German replied: “Hi mate, thanks a lot for that message, that means a lot to me!”

He added: “That’s the way of F1 at the moment hope it will change again soon because like this it has nothing to do with sport!

“Now it’s up to you guys to make things clear in drivers meetings.”

Glock, 30, was on a salary and the team could now replace him with a new driver who would bring in money through his own sponsorship deals.

Booth said: “Timo is a fantastic driver and he has been a very popular member of the team.

“Our team was founded on the principle of benefiting from proven experience whilst also providing opportunities for young emerging talent to progress to the pinnacle of motorsport.

“This philosophy has also been reflected in our commercial model.

“The ongoing challenges facing the industry mean that we have had to take steps to secure our long-term future.

“Tough economic conditions prevail and the commercial landscape is difficult for everyone, Formula One teams included.

“We would like to thank Timo for working with us to reach this decision, especially as he had a valid contract, and also for the contribution he has made to our team.