Tiger Woods Regains Top Step as Highest Paid Athlete

By Community | June 6, 2013

Tiger Woods has returned to the top of the world’s highest-paid athletes list according to Forbes Top 100.

It’s a position he has occupied every year since 2001 except for last year, 2012, when Floyd Mayweather Jr. took the spot.

According to Forbes Woods has pulled in $78.1 million over the last year from prize money, endorsements, appearance fees and golf course design work.

Woods earned $10 million from appearance fees — most of which came overseas.

Woods’ $78.1 million topped Roger Federer ($71.5 million), Kobe Bryant ($61.9 million), and LeBron James($59.8 million). 

Woods recent upturn in form has already interested Nike in seeking an extension.

Revenues at Nike Golf rose 10% last year to $726 million after three straight years of declines.

The highest paid footballer is David Beckham in eighth. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder collected $47.2m (£30.6m), while fellow footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi make up the top ten.

In the top 100, baseball is the most represented sport on the list with 27 stars present. The list is made up of athletes from 11 different sports, hailing from 23 different countries.

Top Ten:

  • 1. Tiger Woods (Golf) $ 78.1m
  • 2. Roger Federer (Tennis) $ 71.5m
  • 3. Kobe Bryant (Basketball) $ 61.9m
  • 4. LeBron James (Basketball) $ 59.8m
  • 5. Drew Brees (American Football) $ 51m
  • 6. Aaron Rodgers (American Football) $ 49m
  • 7. Phil Mickelson (Golf) $ 48.7m
  • 8. David Beckham (Football) $ 47.2m
  • 9. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football) $ 44m
  • 10. Lionel Messi (Football) $ 41.3m
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