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The World View: Taking a look back at what we have learned over the past five weeks

June 8, 2023

Over the past five weeks, we have flown around the globe from Asia, to the US, to Lausanne, touched down in the Middle East and finally landed in Africa. In this one piece you will have the chance to catch up on what you have missed.

Firstly, Michel Cutait, Acting Secretary General of the World Obstacle Federation, gave a fascinating insight into the benefits of individual athletes being members of international federations.

“Allowing individual athletes to become members of international federations as well would establish a new paradigm in the world of sports that could intensify the scope and purpose of international federations, without undermining the importance of the work done by national federations.”

Click here to read his article, including the six advantages that this model has

Next we heard from Kurt Badenhausen, Sportico’s Valuations Reporter, who took a look at the recent sale of the Phoenix Suns NBA franchise and explains why the franchise was so expensive.

“Phoenix is a fast-growing metro and an attractive market for NBA free agents and billionaires alike, thanks to the Arizona climate in winter, but the chance to secure a franchise within the top half of the hottest sports league is why so many investors were kicking the tires on the Phoenix Suns.”

Read the rest of his article, including Sportico’s list of the top 10 most valuable franchises

We then made a trip to the Middle East and heard from Clayton D’Costa, Head of Global Events and Partner at Portas Consulting, who detailed how the region has made the most out of hosting events.

“The Middle East has recently experienced an exceptional era of Major Events, putting the global spotlight on this region. According to the World Economic Forum, the Middle East is already a powerhouse in sports tourism, with a market value of $600 billion.”

Click here for the rest of Clayton’s article here including his seven success factors in delivering an impactful major sporting event.

Unmish Parthasarathi‘s article gave a fascinating insight into how institutional finance is playing a role to grow sport in Asia.

“In this article, I cite five trends with ten examples across a dozen markets that promise returns due to a positive demographic dividend, a growing supply of talent, and, rising per capita incomes.”

To find out his five trends, click here.

Cynthia Mumbo is the CEO of Sports Connect Africa, in her article she looks at the story behind Yanga FC.

“Yanga FC is a shining example of African football’s potential, with a rich history, remarkable commercial growth, passionate fan engagement, and strong governance.”

To find out more about the story of Yanga FC, click here

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