The Times They Are a-Changin’- Kicki Molin

By iSportconnect | August 10, 2012

“Come gather round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
Is worth saving
Then you better start swimming
Or you will sink like a stone
For the times they are changing” (Bob Dylan)

Modern Pentathlon has a long and successful history in Sweden, but due to new circumstances, technological evolution and military cost savings, times are certainly changing for the proud old sport.

Modern Pentathlon was created back in 1912 for the summer Olympics in Stockholm, when Mr Pierre de Coubertin, the IOK President, asked the Swedes to set up the rules for a new combination sport.  The idea was to define a sport that would ask for all the skills of the ultimate defender of the King.

The defender should be able to swim the big lakes, shoot with a gun, fence against the enemy, ride horseback over obstacles and run if the horse got injured. In the Stockholm Games, the Swedes were very successful and in the last century we have been one of the three strongest nations when it comes to the number of Olympic medals conquered.

Five different sports is quite a challenge in many ways and demand some resources. However, support from the military has decreased for last decades and the Swedish Modern Pentathlon has started to build its own base and organisation.

We have a need to grow and recruit both leaders and athletes. A great need for strong individuals and great initiatives, to work professionally when it comes to marketing and communication internally as well as externally.

The success may be a matter of awareness, motivation and organization.

The new athletes enjoy the modern combined event (running and shooting laser) and its variety. I believe that in an ever faster changing world our sport will raise great leaders that will use their power, heart and brain to become the best. We believe Modern Pentathlon could raise and educate prosperous world citizens.

I am convinced that this is also what companies need in the future; emotionally mature, socially intelligent and strong people with many competences-the ultimate employee.

If we can attract the right Swedes to the sport, I believe we will win new Olympic medals and the future will meet the history.

The sport will become as it is supposed to be in Sweden- modern again.

About Kicki Molin

Kicki Molin is the first woman elected President of the Swedish Modern Pentathlon.

She works at mainly with business development, leadership and internal communication. Qmill was developed from Kicki’s own experience in work and sport, combined with her latest education as NLP Master in business, Lab Profile Trainer and Licensed Sports Performance Coach.

She also has a Bachelor of business Administration. She has twenty years of experience from the Market Research field as a Consultant, Sales and Country Manager.

Kicki lives in Stockholm with her husband and three daughters, loves to swim, run and to play golf.

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