The Support for Madrid 2020 Becomes World Trending Topic

August 21, 2013

Madrid, patient 21 August, 2013

The popular support for the Madrid 2020 Olympic Bid (81% of citizens and 90% of youngsters under 35) has also been proven in the social networks. Yesterday’s meeting at Twitter, aimed at showing the unanimous social support for the Olympic project through the hashtag #WeWanttheOGinMadrid, was certainly remarkable.

Madrid 2020’s symbolic call was scheduled for the 20 August, at 20:20, but the users of social networks started twitting their support messages for the Bid until they became world and national trending topics several times. “Together we can”, “Let’s show the World how well we do things in Madrid” or “Spanish sport deserves to live the Games in Madrid” were some of the most used messages yesterday evening.

Thousands of anonymous people showed their wishes to see Madrid as Olympic capital in 2020, a dream shared by athletes such as synchronized swimmer Ona Carbonell, ex tennis player Vivi Ruano, gymnast Almudena Cid…; media including Spanish National TV, Radio SER Network, ABC newspaper…; sports journalists such as Ernest Riveras, José Félix Díaz, Rosana Romero…; figures from the world of culture such as pop star Alejandro Sanz, and public and private entities including city councils or sporting firms.

This massive and unconditional support is a major boost for the Madrid 2020 Olympic Bid, which faces its final challenge next 7 September in Buenos Aires. The whole team of the Olympic Bid is very proud that Madrid 2020 has become a world trending topic and it gives us full confidence that… Together we can!