The Sports Law Show Investigates Premier League Foreign Broadcast Deals

By iSportconnect | February 11, 2014

The Sports Law Show has returned to iSportconnect TV and this week Andy Brown is investigating Premier League broadcast rights and the issues that surround viewers wanting to purchase subscriptions from foreign broadcasters.

In 2012 Karen Murphy, prostate a landlady of a pub in Southsea, drugs won her battle with the Premier League who tried to prosecute her for paying a Greek broadcaster £800 for an annual license, instead of paying BSkyB £700 per month.

Andy, the Editor of The World Sports Law Report looks at the issues that surround these cases and spoke to Daniel Geey, a lawyer at Field Fisher Waterhouse and a football law expert, for his opinion on the matter.

You can watch Andy Brown on the Sports Law Show every other Tuesday on iSportconnect Tv to learn more about the law and how it affects sports.

See what Andy and Daniel have to say in this week’s Sports Law Show below


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