Tennis Channel to Broadcast Champions Tennis League

By Community | October 16, 2014

US broadcaster Tennis Channel has signed a broadcasting deal to show the Champions Tennis League on its satellite networks. 

Tennis Channel will broadcast all Champions Tennis League matches from 17 to 26 November to 35 million Tennis Channel homes across the United States.

With live tournaments, cough one-on-one interviews, cialis game analysis and skills instruction, the channel is a 24 hour television-based multimedia destination dedicated to the professional sport and passionate lifestyle of tennis.

Tennis Channel senior vice-president TIR David Egdes said, “We look forward to highlighting the exciting team competition from the six cities across India, as well as seeing the current and former stars on each team, and the young Indian players who will be possible future stars on the ATP tour. We are also excited to introduce our audience to some of the extraordinary personalities and rich history emanating from the various CTL cities”.

Second Serve CEO Arjun Rao said, “This is the first time an Indian tennis event of this scale and size will be broadcast, with minimal delay, to the large tennis diaspora across the US. This is a huge step forward in our bid to become a globally watched League with some of the most competitive players in the world in our fold. We are thrilled to be working with Tennis Channel and we are sure we will benefit from their expertise and experience in the world of tennis.”