Team HTC-Columbia agree partnership with Skype

July 1, 2010

Team HTC-Columbia has agreed a partnership deal with Skype ahead of this month’s Tour de France.

Skype, the communications software company, has become an ‘ongoing supporter’ of Team HTC-Columbia, who is owned by High Road Soprts, as it prepares to embark upon the 97th Tour de France which begins this Saturday in Rotterdam.

General Manager of Skype’s Consumer Business Unit, Neil Stevens, said: “Whether it’s to connect during those unmissable moments, or just to have a quick catch-up with their colleagues, Team HTC-Columbia is a natural fit for Skype as they have been using Skype extensively for personal and business communications from different countries worldwide for quite some time now.”

Head of High Road Sports, Bob Stapleton, said: “Skype offers innovative communication products and has ambitious marketing objectives. Our team hails from 20 different countries worldwide, so taking the decision for us to join the millions of people and businesses around the world that use Skype was simple.”