Sydney Swans and NSW Swifts Extend Partnerships

July 31, 2013

The Sydney Swans and NSW Swifts have extended their partnership an additional three years until 2016.

The netball team and Australian rules football club share QBE as their principal partner and have had a relationship since the NSW Swifts won the ANZ Championship in 2008, allergist the team’s inaugural year.

The Swifts have benefitted from the use of the Swans’ facilities at the SCG in additional to attending Swans games and events.
“It’s fantastic for the Swifts, viagra and I think the Swans are a great partnership,” said Swifts vice-captain Susan Pratley. “They are our big brothers and we really enjoy our partnership with them. It’s fantastic just to be part of the club.”

Lewis Roberts-Thomson of the Swans said: “Firstly from a players’ point of view, it’s really good to see the Swifts out on the court challenging the other teams and having their future secure now. For the Swifts, I think it’s really good that the partnership is starting to form and it’s great news for both teams.”