Sydney Swans Agree Supacore Deal

August 13, 2013

The Sydney Swans have named Supacore as the Australian football club’s official compression partner.

The two organisations have signed a three-year deal that will see Swans players provided with seamless compression garments to wear during matches, training, recovery and rehabilitation.

Sydney Swans Chief Commercial Officer Grant Rose said: “Supacore is a newly established, innovative brand and we are really looking forward to working together.

“Compression apparel is an incredibly important part of players’ preparation and performance so to secure a partnership with the Supacore team is an exciting development for us.”

Swans forward Kurt Tippett said: “Compression garments are used to increase blood circulation and assist in recovery and all the players are really happy with the new Supercore range.

“The use of compression garments is so important for us, particularly during training and travel.”

Mathieu Shellard, Brand Manager of Melbourne based Supacore added;

“We are very pleased to partner with the Sydney Swans and see this as a synergistic relationship as the Swans are not only leaders on the field but are keen proponents of innovation as well.”

“Our connection with the Swans is a culmination of over six years in trials, research and development. The Swans brand has proven to be a powerhouse in the AFL, which resonates with the Supacore ethos.

“The AFL is always hotly contested and at the forefront of athlete preparation and technology, with our cutting edge Coretech engineering, we know we can assist in giving the Swans an edge against the competition.

“As a proud Aussie company, we are very pleased to be able throw our support behind such a successful team and look forward to watching them excel in Supacore in the upcoming seasons.”