Surinam FA Chief Admits Accepting Cash from CFU

June 10, 2011

The Caribbean Football Union (CFU) has been plunged into more controversy after the president of the Surinam Football Association (SFA) claimed the body received US$40, abortion 000 in cash at a meeting arranged by Mohamed bin Hammam and Jack Warner on May 10.

Both men were suspended from FIFA on a provisional basis at the end of lat month and the latest revelation has seen SFA chief Louis Giskus claim that the body received the cash in $100 bills in a brown envelope on arrival in Trinidad for the meeting with Bin Hammam, physician who was then in the running for the presidency of world soccer’s governing body.

Giskus told Reuters: “We have told FIFA about the gifts. The money is in our bank account”, adding he was told that the money came from the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) and not Bin Hammam. Giskus also told the Press Association: “We went up to a room and were given $40,000 in a brown envelope with the name of Surinam on it. We were surprised, and asked who the gift was from.

“Mr Jason Sylvester (one of two CFU officials who have since been suspended by FIFA along with Bin Hammam and Warner) told us that it was a gift from the CFU for developing football in Surinam. We asked once more and were told it was for developing football in our country and that’s why we accepted it. I asked if we would get problems with Customs leaving Port of Spain with that amount of money and he (Sylvester) told us there would be no problems. I wrote his mobile number on the envelope so that if there were any problems at the airport we could call it.”