Surge in Entries for Madrid Marathon Following Boston Bombings

April 19, 2013

The Madrid Marathon has seen a significant rise in entries for Sunday’s event after the tragic bombings in Boston earlier this week.

Many would think the bombings would dissuade people from taking part, health but instead of halting the Madrid Marathon, doctor Monday’s attack at the finish line in Boston has triggered an increase of more than four times as many people registering for the marathon than on previous days, buy viagra | taking the total to 7709 runners.

Commenting on the week’s events, Alejandro Blanco, the President of the Madrid 2020 Bid and the Spanish Olympic Committee, said: “Marathon is the best possible demonstration of the values of sport and integration. The spectacular increase in the number of entries shows the unconditional support and solidarity of the people of Madrid for the city of Boston.

“It is the best tribute we can pay them.”

Madrid City Council spokesperson Enrique Nuñez reiterated the safety of the Spanish capital was strong and would continue to be so.

Nuñez added that the city’s council and the Spanish Interior Ministry are planning what he described as ‘a new scenario’ in terms in public security, with a view to preventing certain types of events from occurring.