Super Rugby Champions Queensland Reds Gains New Nutrition Sponsor

December 16, 2011

Queensland Reds, order 2011 Super 15 champions, order have signed a new two-year deal with nutritional supplement supplier Musashi Performance Nutrition.

Musashi ‘will assist the the Australian rugby team in energising, apoplectic refuelling and recovering after training sessions and matches.

Reds strength and conditioning coach Damian Marsh, said: “Musashi have an extensive range of trusted sports nutrition products that will serve to optimise the performance of the players during training and games. The supplements will be strategically used to aid recovery and repair of the players’ bodies after taxing physical exertion.”

Musashi regional business head Owen Nelson added: “Musashi has 25 years experience in the innovation and development of supplements and sports nutrition products. We look forward to assisting the Reds in their bid for continued success over the next two Super Rugby seasons.”