Super League Bid to Save Bradford Bulls, Club’s Debt Revealed

By Community | August 3, 2012

The Super League has attempted to secure the future of the Bradford Bulls by tabling an offer to aquire them.

The offer was submitted last night after Super League chief executive Nigel Wood, and the Super League clubs met to put together a rescue package.

Wood said: “This saga has gone on for far too long and we are of the view that direct positive action is required to safeguard the future of Bradford Bulls.
“The club has been in administration for five weeks now and during that time not one single offer without strings attached has been submitted to the administrator.
“This situation is clearly unacceptable and raises the tangible prospect that we could lose one of our most famous clubs, which would be a tragedy of significant proportions, not just to the sport and the city of Bradford but to the remaining staff, players and volunteers who all deserve some stability after the turmoil of recent events.
“It is to the credit of the Super League clubs that they have given their unanimous support to this move and are not prepared to stand idly by and see Bradford Bulls disappear.
“The time has come for strong and decisive leadership and this course of action, which is based on sound business principles, represents just that.
“Under the ownership of SLE, we can plot a course for Bradford Bulls which is in the best interests of the club, the competition and the wider game.
“If our offer is accepted, SLE will welcome approaches from all interested parties who have an interest in helping us secure a bright future for professional Rugby League in Bradford.”
Meanwhile it has been revealed Bulls are in £1.5 million in debt, the Rugby Football League’s director of licensing and standards has revealed.

Blake Solly, the Rugby Football League’s director of licensing and standards, shed more light on the financially-stricken club in a meeting with BullBuilder, the Bradford supporters trust.

In the meeting Solly said he could not guarantee the Bulls would remain in Super League for 2013 and revealed that, if the bid is accepted, the Bradford players would be free to speak to other clubs to secure their futures for next season.

A statement released by BullBuilder said: “In a constructive meeting, we established that SLE look on this as a short-term measure and are confident of attracting a long-term, unconditional bid in the near future.

“Solly could give no guarantees about the division in which the club will play next season: he commented that the debt of the club remains a concern and is estimated to be approximately £1.5m.

“However, he assured BullBuilder that the club would continue to play at Odsal for the foreseeable future.

“If the SLE bid is accepted, we understand that players will then be free to speak to other clubs to secure their future for next season.”