Super 18 Model Being Considered by Super Rugby Chiefs

August 8, 2013

Super Rugby officials are considering splitting the three-conference system into two from 2016 and creating a Super 18 model.

Two teams from Argentina would be added, whilst Australian and New Zealand sides would join together in their own conference. South Africa would join in with Argentina.

Officials have also said that Japanese teams may be added in three years’ time, although there is much work to be done if this is to become a reality.

Super Rugby expansion will occur after the 2015 World Cup and the governing body, SANZAR, aims to finalise the next model by the end of 2013.

Greg Peters, SANZAR CEO has said the time frame of the competition will not be extended, which makes it virtually impossible to add new teams.

SANZAR is committed to making sure the recently-relegated Southern Kings are one of six South African teams and Peters told AAP: “We really understand the desire for that from South Africa. The Kings have 32 per cent of the playing population and 72 per cent of that is coloured.

‘We understand the need for six teams in South Africa.”