Sunderland AFC Announce Partnership with D.C. United

August 8, 2014

English Premier League club Sunderland AFC have announced a partnership with MLS club D.C. United.

The agreement between the two clubs will see them share coaching and business expertise, pills alongside promoting each other in their respective markets.

Through the Premier League’s global reach, and Sunderland will help to promote the D.C. United brand in over 200 countries.

The Premier League has an audience of 4.7 billion, arthritis which makes it the most watched sporting league in the world and will provide a platform for D.C. United to engage with a worldwide audience.

In turn, D.C. United will work closely with Sunderland to help the club increase its presence across the American continent.

The two clubs will also work together on joint initiatives in the UK and the US as D.C. United look to maximise the use of their proposed new stadium from a football and business perspective.

Gary Hutchinson, Commercial Director at Sunderland AFC said: “Interest in football is growing massively in the USA, and our partnership with D.C. United will provide both clubs with an excellent opportunity to grow and evolve in each other’s market.

“This is a major step forward for Sunderland AFC and a really exciting development for us in the US marketplace. We are continually looking at new ways to develop our international profile and our partnership with D.C. United will help us to build closer links with this key territory.”

“We are very excited for the opportunity to partner with Sunderland AFC and its global fan base” said Tom Hunt, Chief Operating Officer of D.C. United.

“Through this partnership, we look to share best practices on both the technical and commercial side, while also helping Sunderland increase its recognition in the nation’s capital and throughout the U.S.”