Sudan facing FIFA ban over government interference

July 26, 2010

Sudan could be banned from international competition by football’s governing body FIFA after a row between the government and the country’s football association.

The government’s Sport Commission had said that current Sudan FA president Kamal Shaddad and several other candidates could not run for election this month.

The decision to bar Shaddad from running for re-election is because he has already held the position for two terms, the limit to holding an international  football job recognised by the Commission.

Under strict FIFA rules, government interference in football is strictly prohibited and has said Sudan now faces a global suspension.

A FIFA statement read: “Any election without respecting the SFA (Sudanese Football Association) statutes and/or under governmental interference will not be recognised by FIFA. IN addition, such interference may lead to sanctions such as a suspension or expulsion.”

Shaddad has said: “They decided to stop me running for re-election as President. That is against FIFA’s fundamental rules.

“FIFA says they do not approve of this situation, and the Sports Commission must reserve its decision or face suspension.”