STX Renew LXM PRO Tour Premium Sponsorship

By Community | June 6, 2013

Baltimore-based STX, LLC, a global sporting goods leader, announced today they have extended their ties with Lacrosse’s LXM PRO Tour as a premium sponsor.

Last year, STX acquired the naming rights to the western LXM PRO team, now titled Team STX. As a part of the new multi-year sponsorship, STX will provide custom lacrosse equipment including gloves, heads and handles for Adrenaline events, leagues and club programs. Programs will include LXM PRO, Adrenaline High Rollers, Sonoma Showcase, Sonoma Shootout and West Coast Starz.

Greg Tate, Marketing Manager at STX. “These additional players and our expanded sponsorship will help to further our mission to grow the game in nontraditional lacrosse markets throughout the US.”