STX Partner with USA Field Hockey

By Community | July 23, 2012

With the Olympics just days away, pills Baltimore based STX, viagra buy LLC, a global sporting goods leader, announced today a one-year partnership with USA Field Hockey.

STX is the most widely distributed field hockey brand in the U.S. and is strengthening its commitment to the sport by signing American field hockey icon Carrie Lingo, a member of the 2008 USA Olympic Team, and by partnering with USA Field Hockey for the Play It Forward program. STX will also provide USA Field Hockey with equipment and funding as a part of the partnership.

“We are delighted to begin a partnership with STX, a U.S. brand that continues to expand its commitment to field hockey, and will play a key role with us as we continue to grow our sport,” said Steve Locke, Executive Director, USA Field Hockey.

The Play It Forward Program is a joint initiative between STX and USA Field Hockey to encourage youth participation in the sport. The program will feature U.S. Olympic Field Hockey players, at public field hockey clinics in Baltimore, Md. and Chula Vista, Calif.

Lingo joins STX as a product and brand advisor for field hockey, bringing elite player insight into the sport. Lingo will also be featured in the new ‘We Will Rise’ marketing campaign for STX.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to stay connected with the field hockey community and ensure that up and coming players have the best equipment possible to reach their full potential on the field,” said Lingo. “STX is making field hockey a priority and it will no doubt grow the sport in the U.S.”

“We Will Rise speaks to STX’s commitment to elevating our dedication to the category and to reaching for an even higher performing product despite being number one in the marketplace,” said Ed Saunders, Director of Marketing for STX, of the company’s increased initiatives towards field hockey. “It also speaks to the work being done by our new partner, USA Field Hockey, to capture the U.S.’s first medal in field hockey at the Olympics this summer. Together we are driving field hockey to new competitive levels in the U.S.”