Street League Skateboarding and ISF Announce Partnership

August 12, 2014

Street League Skateboarding (SLS) and the International Skateboarding Federation (ISF) have announced a partnership as the SLS endorses ISF recognition by the International Olympic Committee as the official skateboarding federation. 

As a result of the partnership, denture SLS and ISF will work together to create an official guideline for the best practices for street skateboarding competition.

The two will also collaborate to evolve the SLS Super Crown World Championship global qualification system as it becomes the official street skateboarding World Championship for the ISF.

SLS president, apoplectic Brian Atlas said: “If skateboarding has the opportunity to be added to the global stage it needs to be in the right hands and we believe there is no better group to properly represent the best possible experience of competition skateboarding than the ISF.

“The ISF has already assembled a world class group of representatives throughout the globe that has the right intentions for skateboarding with this potential massive platform. We are now officially collaborating to help them with that vision and to also learn how we can evolve our own platform to better serve the global competitive skateboarding community.”

Gary Ream, ISF President, said. “The ISF has been working for 10 years now to unite the greater skateboarding community to ensure the best possible representation of skateboarding is what is experienced by both the athletes and the fans.

“For competitive street skateboarding, we believe there is no better place to start than Street League Skateboarding. Not only do they have the support of the top skateboarders but they have also revolutionised the competition format in a way that is perfect for skateboarding on this global stage.”

Although details of the partnership will be revealed in the upcoming months, SLS has already outlined key components of the strategic partnership which shall include a plan of appropriate skate course construction needs, best practices for instant scoring, competition format, and overall criteria to ensure proper execution of street skateboarding competition.