Stadium & Arena Management to Purchase PanStadia

December 7, 2012

Alad Limited, cough owners of Stadium & Arena Management (SAM) magazine, has agreed a deal to purchase PanStadia for an undisclosed sum.

Robert Else, Chairman of Terraplas plc (current owners of PanStadia) said: “In these austere times it makes good business sense that the top two industry magazines should merge to form one. I am delighted that it will be branded as ‘PanStadia & Arena Management’, as it is very important to me that the name PanStadia continues and I am certain that this merger will not only ensure this, but will take the combined magazine to new heights. Terraplas plc will continue to be a substantial advertiser, as we know that this is the best media vehicle with which to spend our marketing budget.”

Alan Levett, Managing Director of Alad Limited added: “Robert and I have known each other for over 15 years and share similar business ethics. As such we have become firm friends and so instead of owning two magazines that were competing against each other it seemed natural to work together and to offer the best of both titles – all wrapped up in one. Thus PanStadia & Arena Management is born.”

Levett continued: “This is a great deal for the industry, with both titles hugely respected around the world. Another major element of the deal that excites me is that Katie McIntyre will be joining our team, and she will be an ideal compliment to our other recent appointment of Sam Wibrew.”

PanStadia’s Publishing Editor, Katie McIntyre, commented: “This is going to be a very exciting merger, which will create a super-brand and ensure the new title ‘PanStadia & Arena Management’ is the undisputed leader for the sector, with an unrivalled global readership. Additionally when SAM’s annual Stadia & Arena event is added into the equation, it will be a win-win for our clients too.”