St. Louis Rams Agree Video Footage Deal with Pivothead

October 30, 2013

National Football League (NFL) franchise St. Louis Rams have announced a one-of-a-kind partnership with Pivothead, medstore an innovative point-of-view HD camera company, seek to capture and publish exclusive behind-the-scenes and fan-perspective footage throughout the 2013 season.

Various members of the Rams front office, diagnosis cheerleaders, former players, including Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson, and fans will wear Pivothead’s 1080p HD glasses to provide a unique perspective of game day in the locker room, on the field, in the stands as well as during the coin toss, half-time performances, concerts, road trips and beyond. 

“At the Rams, we place a high priority on being innovative and we are proud to be the first NFL team to partner with Pivothead to take fans to places that they otherwise would never be able to access,” said Brian Killingsworth, Rams vice president of marketing and brand strategy. “Because all of this exclusive footage is captured via a camera embedded in a pair of glasses, it provides unparalleled authenticity from the perspective of someone who is experiencing these unique moments versus footage that is being captured via a traditional camera.  The Pivothead footage delivers a complete immersion into the overall Rams experience and is exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else.”

“We’re excited that the St. Louis Rams are using our point-of-view technology to capture innovative and unique game day perspectives,” said Chistopher Cox, Pivothead president and founder. “The organization has some great ideas on how to use new, smart technologies to provide an extra layer of content and engagement for NFL fans both in the stadium and watching remotely.”