SRU Looking to Sell Murrayfield Stadium Naming Rights

By Community | October 30, 2012

Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) chiefs are looking to cash-in in a naming rights sponsorship deal for the historic Murrayfield Stadium.

Negotiations with commercial parties are already under way as the governing body seeks to pay off a £13m debt.

Mark Dodson, SRU chief executive, believes it could be a valuable source of income.

“The single biggest piece of our inventory is our national stadium, we would like to see if we can monetise that,” he said.

“We’re looking at trying to bring money in across our inventory.”

Dobson released a four-year plan in June this year and increasing revenue was one of the targets he set.

And renaming the 67,200-seater venue is one option that Dobson is keen to assess.

“We want to be sympathetic about how we do it. We want to get the right price for it, it would be crazy for us not to look at using our single biggest piece of inventory to drive revenue.

“It depends on how you pitch and what goes in the package, but it’s millions of pounds a year.”