SRG & SSR Extends Spengler Cup Broadcasting Deal

By Community | November 29, 2012

German broadcasters, SRG and SSR have renewed their decade long partnership to broadcast Ice Hockeys Spengler Cup until 2016.

Once again the Spengler Cup will be an integral part of the SRG television programs: Between Wednesday 26 December and Monday 31 December 2012, the second program of SRF, RTS and RSI will transmitted all games live totalling 28 hours of coverage of the Davos event.

SRF has produced content for the Spengler Cup since 1955.

New high-resolution cameras will be used for this year’s Spengler Cup moments.

SRF 2012 coverage will continue to have 13 cameras for game coverage, including two in Torinnenraum and two above the doors.