Squash is the Fastest Growing Sport in Poland says Vice President

By iSportconnect | March 26, 2013

The Vice President of the Polish Squash Federation, Maciek Maciantowicz believes that squash is the ‘fastest growing sport in Poland.’

With a growth rate of 25% a year, the sport has taken off in the last ten years, particularly since the first court was built in 1976 in Brodnica.

The WSF World Junior Squash Championships are to be held in July and is another tournament in Poland following the European Individual Championships in 2011 and the Sebo Squash & Art Festival was held in Krakow in 2012.

President of the Polish Squash Federation, Tomasz Banasiak said: “Squash is probably the best-matched sport for our country, fitting our geographical conditions for the whole year.

“It also responds to the needs of our active and hungry-for-success developing Polish population.

“We can see independent investors continuing to spread clubs widely in the whole country. The Polish Squash Federation provides an increasingly professional environment for adults and juniors, high-performance and recreational players with coaches, and referees – including all our tournaments at different levels.

“The World Junior Championship 2013 in Wroclaw is the milestone to the expansion of squash this year,” added Banasiak. “Becoming a part of the 2020 Olympic Games would give us another kick among all activities led in Poland by those passionate for Squash.”

Andrew Shelley, World Squash Federation CEO added: “”Poland now has 100,000 players spread across the country – and part of the reason for this growth is that Poles have really taken to a sport that provides great exercise without eating too much into their leisure time.

“The sport is being embraced by students and seen as a great opportunity by investors – and leisure-time for the sport is increasingly being provided free by employers.

“This growth has begun to be seen in success in the world professional Tours, with Polish players breaking into the men’s top 200, and into the women’s top 100.

“The WSF World Juniors in Wroclaw in July will no doubt attract additional media attention for the sport as well as giving local players the chance to see all the very best young players in the world in action.”

The WSF World Junior Championships will take place in Wroclaw at the Hasta La Vista Club, a centre which boasts 15 squash courts including an all-glass permanent showcourt.