Sprint State Long-Term Commitment to NASCAR

July 18, 2011

The director of sports marketing at telecommunications company Sprint, vcialis 40mg Tim Considine, has said that Sprint is committed to NASCAR for “the long haul”.

On Sunday, as part of a promotion for its new 3D cell phone, Sprint announced that it would put US$3million on the line at the end of the new six-race Sprint Summer Showdown.

Beginning in two weeks at Indianapolis, the winner of each of the next five races will be eligible for the big prize. If one of those drivers wins at Atlanta on Labor Day, US$1million each will go to the driver, a charity of his choice and a fan.

Sprint is in the eighth year of a 10-year deal worth US$750 million, and the title sponsor could be poised for a renewal of the partnership in 2013.

Considine said: “Outside-looking-in, it makes sense on paper, but you really can’t understand what this sport’s about, and the opportunity, until you’re really inside of it.

“I think over the past eight years we’ve really come to grow very fond of the opportunity, the fan base, the relationships, and it’s been great for our business. Race fans are great wireless customers.”

Considine added: “We are in negotiations with NASCAR, as I think everyone knows, and our CEO (Dan Hesse) commented on it several weeks ago. Our intent is to be with this thing for the long haul.”