Sports Systems to Supply Grand Prix of America

By Community | July 16, 2012

Sports Systems Services, viagra Inc., bronchi has been selected to supply key operational technology for the Grand Prix of America (GPA) at Port Imperial, buy which is to host a Formula One race in June 2013. 

The specific operational areas that will use Sports Systems online services are: Media accreditation; staff, vendor, volunteer and local resident accreditation; sponsorship asset and contract management; internal ticketing; and oversight of the race’s VIP guest invitation, registration and logistics. 

Sports Systems offers world leading, proven technologies to directly add control, tracking and highly productive day-to-day oversight tools over tasks required to be fulfilled at every event. 

“As an organization that will be running one of the world’s greatest sporting events less than a year from now, we are partnering with companies that have a proven track record of success,” said Dennis R Robinson, the race’s COO.  “We are very pleased to have Sports Systems, a global leader in event accreditation and guest management technologies, join us as a partner.” 

Sports Systems’ President Jim Daigle commented, “Sports Systems is honored to be partnering with Grand Prix of America because this will be a major international event in the New Jersey/New York area, and this is our hometown. We’ve been involved with all levels of Formula One for 17 years but bringing a race here is a new and truly exciting effort to assist.” 

Like every event, GPA can run accreditation, internal ticketing and its own guest hospitality information management, but with Sports Systems it has a leading partner with turn-key solutions in all areas to enhance and streamline control over standard, required information.