UK Media Ad Spend on Mobile to Reach £3.6Bn This Year – Rami Alanko

June 30, 2015

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way fans watch and interact with sports. Once bound to the television and computer, sport has become something that can be taken with fans wherever they go.

Therefore, both marketing and communication trends, around sports, are shifting with the technology and enhanced interconnectivity.

Subsequently, mobile monetisation is becoming more of a reality for sports and entertainment companies, as new and powerful tools roll out into the marketplace.

What many marketers love about mobile, as an advertising channel, is its appealing elements such as immediacy, cost effectiveness, increased engagement, and reach.

The winners of mobile monetisation will be the brands that invest in building relevant and useful services for fans and partners.

In order to have effective and successful mobile marketing campaigns, sports and entertainment companies must have the strategies and technologies that drive engagement and revenues, including relevant information sharing to convert attendees to fans and fans to customers.

But which trends will drive sports? How is relevance ensured? What do the fans want? And what can you do to gain their attention? There are many questions to be answered before a complete sports marketing strategy can be implemented.



– In 2015, UK media ad spend on mobile will reach 22% (£3.6Bn) of total £16.2Bn media spend. In 2018, spend on mobile will almost double that of TV.

– 83% of sports fans say they check social networks while watching games

– Out of 31M sport fans in Spain, 47% attend a sport event at least once a year.

– During the last SuperBowl, AT&T registered 624GB of traffic data (1.8 million social media interactions) and 55,000 calls during the final.

– 87% of sports fans check up on their favorite teams at all times, including social events.

– 53% percent of sports fans use a tablet or smartphone to access online sports content while watching sports on TV.



In order to be successful in the mobile marketing space, sports and entertainment companies must differentiate the marketing experience. However, mobile marketing is not just about harnessing the latest technology; it is also about captivating an experience.

Today’s social consumers are ready for anything and everything mobile and especially today’s sport fans are perhaps the best recipients for a new style of marketing.


From the excessive overall marketing, the primary trend is towards localisation, contextual information and personalisation. People are simply exposed too much to marketing messages that are not relevant to them. In order to establish a working relationship with a fan, relevance is the key to success.

Such relevant solutions could help to build traffic before and after the event to selected restaurants, official stores etc., give out restricted promotions or even venue alerts concerning access updates etc.

These kinds of solutions give the fan a sense of appreciation, promote the brand message as it will be noticed and build a more coherent community of the club, fans and sponsors.

With the Internet, mobile devices, social media and apps, technology has forever changed the way sports fans watch and engage with the sports they follow. The winners in this mobile marketing race understand the importance of relevant messaging to gain attention. Clubs must be willing to experiment, and find models that give value to fans.

It is an ongoing quest where contextual communication is proving to provide the best results.



– Keep fans engaged regardless of where they are viewing the match by implementing personalised, contextual marketing.

– Adapt your message to the conditions and mood of your potential customers, based on the result and/or match events.

– Create a real feeling among your audiences and the momentum of passion with relevant commercial approaches.

– Connect the brands with fans, that otherwise do not receive any other direct commercial relationship with brands other than outdoor advertisements.

– Increase fan loyalty by giving valuable information, learn, and improve.



Rami Alanko, CEO, Beemray

Rami Alanko started off his career as a musician, songwriter and producer. Within a decade he sold multiplatinum albums with his band, and wrote over 200 songs. Later he has founded a number of technology companies, the most recent, a leading online video platform with customers including HBO, BEin SPORTS, Nokia, Telefonica, and hundreds of others. Beemray, his latest adventure, is an intelligent technology analysing online and real-life data, providing tools for automated personalised marketing.

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